Renew Rebuild Revive
One episode, one city, one kind of happiness—CSCEC pays attention to the needs of urban development and imparts its experience and wisdom for sustainable growth. Following the footsteps of our protagonists, let's witness the rebirth of cities.
High Quality Development
CSCEC excels in infrastructure sectors such as rail transit, highways, airports, ports, mega-bridges, and urban infrastructure.
  • China-Thailand High-Speed Rail Project
    Rail Transit|Thailand
  • Tel Aviv Light Rail Green Line Project
    Rail Transit|Israel
  • The Southern Expressway
    Highway|Sri Lanka
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport Expansion Project
    Airport and Port|Thailand
  • The Algiers New Airport Project
    Airport and Port|Algeria
  • New Gulf Port of Haifa
    Airport and Port|Israel
  • Temburong Bridge
  • Alamein Downtown Towers
    Urban Infrastructure|Egypt
  • TRX Signature Tower in Kuala Lumpur
    Urban Infrastructure|Malaysia
  • Central Bank of Kuwait New Headquarters Building
    Urban Infrastructure|Kuwait
  • Affordable Housing Project in Park Road in Nairobi
    Urban Infrastructure|Kenya
Sustainable Future
  • Talent Training
  • · UWB College
    The Up We Build (UWB) College is a sustainable development initiative focuses on vocational skills training, corporate image and brand promotion. It aims to foster innovative talents and promote common development. CSCEC collaborates with local universities, think tanks, associations, and more to establish UWB Colleges. These colleges engage in employee training, university exchanges, and forums on sustainable construction.
  • Digital Decoding
  • · Smart construction technology

    Three Venues for the Asian Games

    A basketball court be converted into an ice rink in 6-8 hours with the ethylene glycol cooling system. The system has a total ice-making area of 1800 square meters, effectively reducing carbon emissions to nearly zero.

    Terminal of New Phnom Penh International Airport

    The large concrete temperature measurement technology with embedded chips in test blocks controls the temperature for nearly 200,000 cubic meters of concrete.

    Office of the Future in Dubai

    The project adopted the 3D printing technology to complete the printing process in 17 days and fabrication in 2 days.

    Noor Energy 1 700MW CSP +250MW PV Project in Dubai

    The tower-type solar reflector technology involves around 25,000 square meters of solar reflectors, saving over 2 million tons of standard coal annually.

    Curtain wall of the project on 2 Murray Rd, Central, Hong Kong

    The double-curved curtain wall technology facilitated the efficient installation of nearly 3,000 curtain wall units covering an area of 25,000 square meters, complemented by a digital information platform to reduce redundant design.
  • Green Sustainability
a Better World
Cultural Exchanges
Public Welfare Activities
Cross-border Friendship
All pictures in this column are taken by CSCEC