UWB College: CSCEC joins hands with you for prosperity

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The Up We Build (UWB) College is a sustainable development initiative focuses on vocational skills training, corporate image and brand promotion. It aims to foster innovative talents and promote common development.

CSCEC collaborates with local universities, think tanks, associations, and more to establish UWB Colleges. These colleges engage in employee training, university exchanges, and forums on sustainable construction.

In Egypt

CSCEC held a ceremony to inaugurate the UWB College at the Alamein Downtown Towers Project to support talent development for the project and contribute to the internationalization of CSCEC's talent training.

In Sri Lanka

CSCEC conducts regular training to facilitate project progress and boost workers' skills. Additionally, they maintain close ties with Sri Lankan universities, engaging in joint research and talent development to foster mutual growth. A team of experts from the renowned Tsinghua University conducted on-site research at the project, further enhancing cooperation from multiple parties.


In Algeria

CSCEC has organized various campus events, sharing practical experience and technological innovations used in project construction. They actively participated in students' graduation design defenses, jointly witnessing the joyous moments of graduates. An engineering team from CECEC attended the 3rd International Conference on Steel and Mixed Construction at the University of Sciences and Technology of Oran Mohamed Boudiaf, deepening exchanges with experts from various countries and sharing CSCEC's experience in technological applications to support industry development.

Through the international talent platform, employees here have also realized their own growth.

In the Republic of Congo

Phalh soukissa is a test engineer. He transitioned from an ordinary employee to the head of the project's testing laboratory. His dedication, responsibility, and diligence contributed to his rapid growth. In 2008, he started working at the No.1 National Highway project in The Republic of the Congo. During this period, he assisted in optimizing green construction solutions based on local conditions. Through the efforts of him and his colleagues, the project achieved remarkable results and received international awards. In 2023, having grown into a key figure in the project, he appeared on multiple television screens, sharing his years of hard work and accomplishments with the world.


In Uzbekistan

Jinze (Шахзод) is a translator, but he has always harbored the dream of becoming an engineer. When Chinese engineer Pan Xiaoyong learned of this, he encouraged Jinze to "pursue his dream" on the project and became his mentor. Jinze joined the training program of the UWB College organized by the project, fully engaging in the construction process. He transitioned from a translator to an engineering assistant, contributing to the development of his hometown. During the "Dragon Boat Festival" and the Chinese cultural class of the UWB College, Jinze prepared a meticulously handmade sachet as a gift for his "mentor" Pan Xiaoyong, expressing gratitude for his encouragement and guidance.


In Cambodia

Chhorn Meta is a plumbing lecturer at the UWB College of CSCEC's New Phnom Penh International Airport Project in Cambodia. He teaches plumbing courses to over 300 local construction workers. Prior to becoming a lecturer, he had his mentors, too. Zhang Qinghui and Li Bin, after Meda joined the team, played a crucial role in helping him swiftly acclimatize to his job and integrate seamlessly into the team. Within just a year, Meda adeptly adapted to his environment and achieved substantial personal growth.

On the eve of this year's Dragon Boat Festival, Meda was invited to a local school where he led Cambodian students in experiencing cultural exchange. He also delivered an enlightening lecture on architecture to over 150 students.


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