Together with UWB College, CSCEC invites you to expand a happy living environment

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Over the past 70 years, CSCEC has undertaken projects across the globe, with its employees continuously make innovations and working together. The Up We Build (UWB) College as a brand project for sustainable development by CSCEC. This program places vocational skill training at its core, coupled with an emphasis on promoting the company's image and brand.


The UWB College aims to elevates CSCEC employees' professional ability through advanced construction skills training.


Furthermore, the program provides contemporary university students with opportunities for practical experience, and paves the way for their future career.


The UWB College places special emphasis on nurturing the growth of female professionals in the construction industry.


Additionally, the program offers architectural education for children and adolescents.


Ultimately, the UWB College aims to establish a global platform for exchanges and sustainable development in the construction industry.

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