• Planning sustainable cities
    CSCEC has taken people's livelihood into SeriDuSConsid ieration, and done a good job in regional layout planning, and focused on areas such as area development, large-scale urban renewal, station-city integration, urban operation.etc., to optimize the urban spatial form, help improve urban consumption energy level,and create a comfortable and livable living environment with convenient transportation.
  • Building sustainable facilities
    CSCEC has participated in the building of a modern infrastructure system that is complete, efficient, practical, intelligent,green, safe and reliable, built mobile communications, industrial Internet, big data centers, etc. CSCEC is committed to the construction of comprehensive transportation channels, comprehensive transportation hubs and logistics networks, and promoting the network of rail transportation in urban agglomerations and metropolitan areas, so that people can work more efficiently, travel more conveniently, and live more conveniently.
  • Building sustainable buildings
    CSCEC has implemented the strategy of peaking its carbon emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060, used the world's leading new construction, green construction, smartconstruction, and industrial construction technologies to build high-quality, sustainable, suitable, and disaster-resistant buildings to protect the environment and ecology, and protect the safety and health of the
  • Developing sustainable real estate
    CSCEC has steadily promoted the real estate development in medical care and cultural tourism as well as the development of industrial parks and smart cities. CSCEC has made great effort in the fine planning and construction of public space with service first and quality as the priority, providing urban residents with personalized choices, making urban residents' lives better and residential areaS more resilient.
  • Building a global Sustainable city
    CSCEC has abided by the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind, strengthened the function of global resource allocation, given full play to the advantages of domestic and overseas integration and industrial chain integration, and adopted a sustainable investment and construction model to create sustainable cities for the people all over the world, and to link dreams of the Chinese people and the people of the world.
      Cultural Innovation Renew Rebuild Revive for a better life in sustainable cities.
        Ecological Protection Renew Rebuild Revive for a better life in sustainable cities.