CSCEC actively advances the comprehensive desert management project in Alxa League

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CSCEC is actively advancing the second phase of the comprehensive desert management project in cooperation with Alxa League in western Inner Mongolia.

Alxa League's desertified land area spans 197,000 square kilometers, accounting for 50% of the total desertified land in the region.


The second phase of the project, undertaken by CSCEC, covers a total management area of approximately 230,000 square kilometers—equivalent to 14 times the area of Beijing. The project encompasses 551.65 million mu and includes natural forest protection and afforestation, degraded grassland restoration, desertification control, and the construction of small-scale water conservation facilities. Currently, the project is in the summer maintenance phase, with sand stabilization progressing steadily and 80% of the total tasks completed.


The project team has adopted fourteen different degraded forest restoration models tailored to the local climate, terrain, and vegetation growth conditions. By using microbial agents to improve the vegetation growth environment, the team has increased forest and grassland vegetation coverage and enhanced plant species diversity. This "near-natural" restoration approach is revitalizing the once barren desert landscape, bringing it back to life.


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