Up We Build: The journey of Md Sohrab Chowdhury with CSCEC

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The Up We Build Program, a flagship project by CSCEC, focuses on vocational skills training to promote sustainable development.

Let’s take a closer look at the journey of Md Sohrab Chowdhury, a Bangladeshi employee, and explore how he has grown and thrived through his experiences with CSCEC.


My name is Md Sohrab Chowdhury. I am a Bengali born and raised. I studied in China and majored in civil engineering. After graduation, when I saw the recruitment for the 1490m TEESTA Bridge project in Bangladesh, I didn't want to miss this rare opportunity and eagerly submitted my resume. In the end, my dream came true and I became a civil engineer working in CSCEC.


My hometown Gazipur is far from this project, but I feel the warmth of home in the project. My Chinese colleagues are very friendly to me. Whenever I encounter any problems at work, they will help me solve them, especially my Chinese instructor who taught me many practical work methods. As a student of the "UWB College", I personally felt the benefits of the project's series of training for work and the improvement of personal abilities. 


Every year, we celebrate various festivals together, where everyone gathers and enjoys themselves, and happy laughter spreads throughout the entire project.


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