Jesselton Twin Towers project in Malaysia successfully passes the acceptance inspection

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Recently, the Jesselton Twin Towers project in Kota Kinabalu, constructed by CSCEC, successfully passed the acceptance inspection.


The project is located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, with a total construction area of 210,000 square meters and a building height of 192.15 meters. It comprises two towers, A and B, each with 56 floors, along with a 3-story commercial annex. Upon completion, it will become a new landmark in Sabah and the tallest building in the eastern region of Malaysia to date.

During the construction, the project actively promoted technical knowledge-sharing activities among employees and implemented various competitions and technical training programs, cultivating a large number of skilled technicians.


Additionally, the project incorporates various technologies to empower its production with science and technology. One notable innovation is the design and development of a rapid assembly and disassembly platform, which enhances the efficiency of vertical material transportation. It takes around 10 minutes to complete one assembly or disassembly. Currently, this technology has been widely adopted in various projects across Sabah.

Furthermore, the project prioritized safety and green construction throughout the construction process, incorporating various environmental protection technologies to achieve cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and value creation.

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