CSCEC holds a lantern-themed cultural exchange event in the Republic of the Congo

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Recently, CSCEC, in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Congo, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Congo, the Confucius Institute, and representatives from other enterprises in the Republic of Congo, jointly organized a lantern-themed cultural exchange event. This marks the ninth consecutive year that CSCEC has hosted such a cultural exchange event between China and the Republic of Congo.


The event was lively and festive, offering guests insights into the historical and cultural significance of lanterns in both Eastern and Western contexts, their applications, designs, and auspicious meanings. Activities such as lantern riddle guessing and lantern making allowed guests to experience the enchanting allure of lantern culture firsthand.

Local media outlets, including DRTV and the Brazzaville Express News, covered the event.

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