CSCEC contributes to Gabon's development with high-quality projects

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CSCEC is spearheading several high-quality construction projects, playing a crucial role in Gabon's growth.

Cap Esterias Middle School program and the Alibandeng comprehensive school project


The Cap Esterias Middle School program and the Alibandeng comprehensive school project, built by CSCEC, are regarded as pivotal to enhancing national educational standards and providing quality education. With a combined floor area of 17,000 square meters, these schools are key to local community development, educating over 5,000 students annually.

 Port-Gentil Stadium in Gabon


The Port-Gentil Stadium, a venue for the 31st Africa Cup of Nations — the highest competition on the continent to date — is hailed as a "sporting gem on the Atlantic coast". The stadium caters comprehensively to the needs of athletes, VIPs, referees, the media, and includes emergency and accommodation facilities.

Libreville Stadium in Gabon


Located in the capital city of Libreville, this versatile sports complex was constructed to host the 2018 Africa Cup of Nations Handball Cup. Spanning 12,800 square meters, it accommodates a variety of sports such as handball, basketball, boxing, and taekwondo. The design concept of "the vessel of sports" is reflected in its boat-like exterior and a roof shaped in an inverted 'V'.

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