The completion of CSCEC-built fourth bridge project in Abidjan facilitates people's travel

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The completion of the fourth bridge project in Abidjan, constructed by CSCEC, has eased the traffic congestion in the areas around the northern highway, providing greater convenience for local residents.


The completion of the project is reported on the official website of the Ivorian government

As reported on the official website of the Ivorian government, the project was inaugurated on January 11, 2024, ensuring smooth traffic flow during the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.


Oumar Diomandé, an automotive mechanic, noted that previously, the journey from his Gesco community to the automotive repair shop in Riviera-Attoban, Cocody would take over an hour. However, with the opening of the bridge, the commute now takes just thirty minutes.

Tchègbè Koné, a minibus driver on the public transport route between Yopougon-SIPOREX and Cocody 2 Plateau, mentioned that the Abidjan-Yopougon segment has become significantly smoother, allowing him to save time and pick up other passengers on time.

Solange Tanoh, a student at a private school in Ajame, expressed her approval of the development, stating, "This is good news for students."


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