How CSCEC build a helipad in Antarctica

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In Antarctica, a helipad is an essential infrastructure at each research station. China's new station built along the coastal areas of the Ross Sea will have a helipad covering an area of 1020 square meters. The 400-plus precast concrete panels, developed and manufactured by CSCEC, will be used in the project.



The precast concrete panels are made of high-strength concrete that can withstand freezing and thawing over 200 times. The components exhibit better overall stiffness, crack resistance, and durability, adapting to the unique climatic conditions of Antarctica. Compared to traditional construction methods, the prefabricated helipad, characterized by fast construction, minimal material turnover, and a high degree of mechanization, is better suited to the construction requirements of the station.


These 400-plus panels have been successfully transported to Antarctica via containers. Once the helipad is completed, it will facilitate the transportation of supplies and scientific research equipment for various research stations on the Antarctic.

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