Spring Festival 2023: Together in Spring, Witness a Happy Chinese New Year

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Spring Festival, also called the Chinese Lunar New Year, is the most important traditional festival for Chinese people. 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. Let's celebrate the New Year together with CSCECers at home and abroad!

A lively festive atmosphere

With Spring Festival couplets posted, lanterns hung, and the Chinese character "Fu" pasted everywhere including machines, people are embracing their new year with a variety of preparations to create a festive and joyful atmosphere.




Dazzling New Year's Eve dinner 

New Year's Eve dinner is a highlight of the New Year, and dumplings are a must-try delicacy. The project teams in Cambodia, Serbia, Bangladesh, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and other countries all prepared dumplings for the New Year's Eve dinner. The staff made dumplings by themselves, and the children of the UAE staff also joined in to experience the fun of making dumplings! Egyptian employees displayed several Chinese characters that read "Happy New Year" with dumplings.


Apart from dumplings, the New Year's Eve dinner in Indonesia also includes Nasi Padang, a local cuisine, which enables employees to taste each other's food together!


Of course, a hotpot that can suit everyone's tastes and preferences is also indispensable! It is the New Year's Eve dinner of a project team in Cambodia.


Experiencing Chinese culture

As a traditional Chinese festival, the Spring Festival is rich in traditional culture.

Project teams in Algeria, UAE, Mozambique, Thailand, and other countries organized activities for foreigners to experience Chinese calligraphy. The local staff as well as children picked up brushes to experience writing Spring Festival couplets and "Fu", showing their achievements in Chinese learning and deepening their understanding of Spring Festival culture. The Malaysian project team hosted a Chinese New Year quiz to popularize the Spring Festival culture.


Teams in Indonesia and the Philippines told local staff about the origins of paper-cutting and arranging Lunar New Year flowers by conducting creative paper-cutting and flower-arranging activities. Cheryl, an Indonesian employee, said happily: "This is not only a new experience for me, but also makes me feel the care and warmth of the company."

Fascinated by traditional Chinese culture, Moyes from Bolivia's Yucumo-San Borja Road Construcion Project, managed to cut out a rich rabbit under the careful instruction of other project staff. And YAYA, a Malaysian employee, showed how to make a rabbit with red paper.


Employees in Malaysia danced to music to celebrate the Chinese New Year.


Employees in Indonesia are dressed in traditional local costumes to actively promote cultural exchanges.


Festive celebrations

The project team in Dubai organized a fete and set up a Spring Festival-themed exhibition to help local people learn about CSCEC and traditional Chinese culture.


The project team in Congo Brazzaville donated school supplies such as backpacks, pencils, and exercise books to a school for children.

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During the festival, CSCECers also organized various friendship sports competitions. For example, the Egyptian team organized competitions such as rope jumping, tug-of-war, and relay races; the Indonesian team organized table tennis competitions; Benin organized table tennis and football matches; the Malaysian team won the basketball championship; and Sri Lanka and Maldives carried out brisk walking.


After learning about the customs of the animal year, Joel from Bolivia's Yucumo-San Borja Road Construcion Project gave a pair of red socks to Hou Ruilin, wishing him good health, safety, and happiness in 2023.

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Here are New Year's wishes from CSCECers all over the world. Happy Spring Festival! CSCEC wishes that the Year of the Rabbit brings all of you health, happiness, and good fortune! May all the best in 2023!


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