CSCEC, the winner of UNIDO Global Call 2022

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Recently, the award ceremony of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Global Call 2022 was held in Shanghai. CSCI, a subsidiary of CSCEC, won the award for its outstanding performance in low-carbon and smart manufacturing for the Organic Resources Recovery Centre Phase 2 (O·PARK2). CSCEC is the only construction company to win the award this year.

中国建筑获联合国工业发展组织Global Call 2022全球冠军奖 1 .jpg

中国建筑获联合国工业发展组织Global Call 2022全球冠军奖 2.jpg

中国建筑获联合国工业发展组织Global Call 2022全球冠军奖 3.jpg

O-PARK2 is the first certified Voluntary Emission Reduction project in Hong Kong that meets international standards. Upon completion, it will become a large-scale food waste recycling center in Hong Kong, capable of processing 300 tons of source-separated organic food waste per day and generating electricity for more than 5,000 households.

The project adopts the Integrated Design Process (IDP), promotes green building materials and renewable energy, develops intelligent construction technologies such as BIM 7D, MiC, DfMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly), 3D printing, BIPV, CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage), and applies the C-SMART Integrated smart site management system and the Carbon Neutrality Cloud Platform and other digital management systems to improve the accuracy and efficiency of carbon accounting. The project combines the technologies for food-waste-to-energy to explore the whole lifecycle carbon negative transition during the construction period, with a carbon reduction efficiency of 24% during the construction period.

中国建筑获联合国工业发展组织Global Call 2022全球冠军奖 4.jpg

中国建筑获联合国工业发展组织Global Call 2022全球冠军奖 5 .jpg

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