CSCEC announces major scientific and technological achievements

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CSCEC carried out work of its third batch of major scientific and technological achievements in 2022 and selected 6 scientific and technological achievements as major ones.

Achievement One: Research on and application of complete technology of pre-stressed high-efficiency fabricated frame system


Achievement demonstration and testing: Five-floor full-scale comprehensive testing building in Xuzhou


Project: Eight-floor dormitory building in Huzhou City

Belonging to fabricated building construction technologies, the achievement is new fabricated high-efficiency construction technology with completely independent intellectual property rights. The system achieves a prefabricated ratio of more than 80% and high-efficiency construction of “two floors in five days” and has better earthquake-resistant and continuous collapse resistance performance compared with current cast-in-place systems. With high-performance, green and low carbon, and low-cost features, the achievement can be widely applied in high-rise buildings in high earthquake intensity areas.

Achievement Two: Research on and application of key technologies in high-durability earthquake-assistant submersed tunnel construction


Project: Undersea tunnel of the MTR Sha Tin to Central Link


Project: Submerged tunnel of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge

The achievement belongs to underground tunnel construction technologies. It has promising application prospects and has been applied in large tunnel projects including the undersea tunnel of the MTR Sha Tin to Central Link and the submerged tunnel of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge

Achievement Three: High-efficiency key construction technology—synchronous top-down construction method of super-high building in complex environments


Project: Double tower buildings and podium of the Nanjing International Youth Cultural Center


Project: Nanjing Jinmao Plaza Phase Two

Belonging to super-high building construction technologies, the achievement has been applied in many projects. It provides systematic ways for subsequent synchronous top-down design, construction, and monitoring, and broadens the application scope and application prospects of synchronous top-down construction technology.

Achievement Four: BIM integrated application technology in building design and construction


Project: BIM collaborative platform


Project: South Taihu CBD in Huzhou

The achievement belongs to construction information technologies. CSCEC has worked out a BIM software integration scheme as well as new organization model and application process based on BIM design and construction. The achievement has generally reached the world-leading level and played a significant role in promoting the application and development of BIM technology in China.

Achievement Five: Building construction technology research and practice—abandoned mine pit reuse construction


Project: The Garden Expo Park in Jiangsu

Belonging to abandoned mine pit reuse construction technologies, the achievement has been applied in more than 10 projects including the Garden Expo Park in Jiangsu and provided systematic methods, technologies and project cases for renovating and reusing abandoned mine pits.

Achievement Six: Research on and application of complete process technology of catalytic distillation


Project: MTBE apparatus of Dongying Hualian Petrochemical Cooperation


Project: Isobutene apparatus of Zhejiang Cenway New Materials Cooperation

The achievement belongs to low carbon and clean technologies in the energy chemical industry. CSCEC has established the optimized design method of catalytic distillation process, developed six series of complete catalytic distillation technologies including etherification, esterification and alcohol dehydration, and realized industrial application.

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