Awarding-winning: multiple CSCEC projects win important awards

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Recently, multiple CSCEC projects won important awards.

Recently, the 2022 Asian Lighting Design Awards held by the Asian Association of Lighting Designers announced the winner list. Chang'an Cloud and Chang'an Le, which have titles including CSCEC-built supporting projects of the 14th National Games, night lighting projects on the Bahe River, and serial public construction projects of Belt and Road Cultural Communication Center, won the Award of Special Light.

The Asian Lighting Design Awards ceremony is one of the most influential annual events of Asian lighting design, and it aims to commend projects which make outstanding contributions to technical and research development, innovative design, energy efficiency, and successful lighting application.


Public project of the Belt and Road Cultural Communication Center—Chang'an Cloud

As a city display center with a dynamic, elegant, and modern scientific and technical overall design, Chang'an Cloud shines with bright and glorious lights.


In order to achieve the best nighttime effect of the building, the project department mainly applied lighting effects and took triangular lights tailored to triangular windows on the curtain wall as embellishments. Besides, the project department outlined the eaves, handrails, stairs, and building boundaries with line lights to show the building's outline and light gradations, which achieved perfect integration of the lights and the curtain wall.


Serial public construction project of Belt and Road Cultural Communication Center—Chang'an Yue

As a cultural communication center inspired by the drum music of Chang'an, five venues are connected in a scattered way and are located on the bank of the Bahe River in proper order.


The white panels seem to form a piece of clothes worn by Chang'an Le. Cavity wall washers within the panels make the building more translucent. High power wall washers are applied to illuminatethe panel inside between the building surface and the panels, which creates a shimmering effect on the outside and greatly riches the lighting effects.


Recently, the online award ceremony of the 2021 SRC Design Award was held. CSCEC-built four projects in Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province stand out from more than 120 projects and win many professional awards including "Honor Award", "Highly Commended", and the award for urban micro upgrading,.

Initiated and held by SRC and particularly planned by the organizing committee of World Architecture Festival, the SRC Design Award is China's first international award focusing on urban streetscape.


Xi'an City Sports Park Landscape Improvement Project wins "Honor Award".


With a total construction area of about 336,000 square meters, the Xi'an City Sports Park was built in 2006. In the improvement, the project team upholds the principle of not influencing the park's sports facilities and environment as well as partly improving the park on the basic of meeting residents' habits and requirements to the biggest extent.




Comprehensive renovation PPP project of the Xujiawan area in Weiyang District, Xi'an City wins "Urban Micro Upgrading Award"

The project consists of a 3,540-square-meter-large phase one pocket park and a 3,550-square-meter-large phase two park. The project team fills the whole block with highly reproducible small public spaces, improves road space and streetscape, and realizes the green network rebirth of the whole Xujiawan area.



Optimization and Detailed Design of the Landscape of Xi'an Olympic Sports Center Project enters the list as a highly commended project


With an area of 575,000 square meters, the Xi'an Olympic Sports Center is the venue for the 14th National Games held in Shaanxi Province in 2021.





Landscape improvement design project of Yunhan Plaza and Yunhan Commercial Street Phase 1 enters the list as a highly commended project

The project has an area of 105,800 square meters (including Yunhan Plaza and Yunhan Commercial Street Phase 1).



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