A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains

CSCEC brings you into A Panorama of River and Mountains, a painting of the Song Dynasty, to
encounter traditional architecture of China.
Chinese Chic | Traditional
Architectural Style
Chinese Beauty | Traditional Construction
Chinese Wisdom | Innovative Application of Traditional
Construction Techniques
Restoration of Ancient Buildings
Mortise and Tenon Structure
Chinese Colors
Pseudo-Classic Sloping Roof
With an aim to protect the millennia-old cultural relics and pass down the Chinese civilization, the Great Bao'en Temple, covering a total construction area of 60,600 square meters, integrates the historical and cultural resources of Nanjing.
Yong'an Pavilion scenic area is the first large-scale pseudo-classic architecture garden project in Xianning. The overall structure of the project is all connected by mortises and tenons while the plasters are all painted in traditional ways.
Jinling Town in Nanjing is located on the west side of Niushou Mountain in Nanjing, covering a total construction area of 260,000 square meters. The town combines the characteristic cultures of Jiangning District and Niushou Mountain.
Wanda Cultural Tourism City in Guangzhou is a hotel group featuring the architectural style of the Lingnan area. With a total construction area of 73,600 square meters, the hotel was built with the architectural structure form of Lingnan style.