The 2022 Fortune Global 500 list was released on August 3, and CSCEC's ranking reaches a new high, jumping from the 13th last year to the 9th.

The 2022 Fortune China 500 list was released on July 12. Given the performance and achievements of large Chinese companies around the world in the past year, CSCEC has ranked the 3rd for ten consecutive years.

The Fortune Global 500 list is regarded as the most famous and authoritative list evaluating the world's largest companies. The list is published annually by Fortune magazine.

CSCEC ranked top in the 2021 Top 250 International Contractors list by Engineering News-Record (ENR).
CSCEC ranked top in the industry in 2021 Brand Finance Global 500 ranking and made into the top 50.
CSCEC won the Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Development Award, the highest honor of the 2022 Evergreen Awards for Sustainable Development issued by Caijing Magazine.
  • New "urban operation +" business management mode

    CSCEC established a new "urban operation +" business management mode. Known as the "3 + 2" mode, it covers three mature sectors: basic urban operation, value-added asset operation and landscape construction & operation, as well as two emerging sectors: industrial investment promotion service and industrial investment financial service. The "urban operation +" business management mode has been applied in the international eco-aquapolis project in Zhengzhou, with good social, economic and brand benefits.

  • Digital twin city

    The CIM twin basic platform of CSCEC Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. reconstructs the three-dimensional model of cities through the digital twin technology. The digital twin CIM platform maps the roads, buildings, waters, vegetation, facilities and other objects of the physical city in the digital twin city, restoring every detail of the city while realizing the reprocessing and innovation of urban construction, operation, management and service. Through the integration with the perception data of IoT, the platform can fully perceive, interconnect and analyze cities with full response and application, so as to achieve efficient allocation of public resources and proper handling of urban events, with increasingly delicacy and smart urban governance.

  • AECMate series BIM software

    CSCEC has independently developed a series of software and hardware equipment in digital construction, including the AECMate series software, independent and controllable 3D graphics platform, smart construction site management platform and integrated construction management system, smart measurement and control system as well as some hardware equipment. With independent intellectual property rights, the AECMate series BIM software incorporates software and platforms like forward design, reverse rapid modeling, construction process management and etc. to provide solutions to ensure industrial data security. The software has been applied to nearly 1,000 engineering projects.

  • "The wind engineering design platform"

    CSCEC has mastered the key technology of simulation cloud service and independently developed the "wind engineering design platform", China's first online simulation service platform for structural wind load and wind comfort analysis of buildings. The platform enables designers to complete the professional numerical wind tunnel simulation with a few simple clicks on the browser. With the digital technology as its core, the platform with typical features of the digital business and development can provide high-quality, low-cost and easy-to-use professional simulation software for the industry.

  • The bridge over Tuhai river at Xinghua Road in Liaocheng-China's largest carbon fiber cable-stayed highway bridge

    The bridge over Tuhai river at Xinghua Road, Liaocheng, constructed by CSCEC is China's first 1,000-ton carbon fiber cable-stayed vehicular bridge, with a total length of 388 meters. With the first application of carbon fiber cables in domestic vehicular cable-stayed bridges, the bridge has some cables made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics(CFRP), making it the largest carbon fiber anchor system in China. It will become the longest carbon fiber cable-stayed bridge in the world after its completion.

  • The Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum won many awards

    The Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum constructed by CSCEC ensures the coexistence of the historicity and modern practicality of the ancient buildings. Based on the extensive use of ancient construction techniques such as wood work, clay work, and stone work, the project team integrated various modern techniques such as steel structure, curtain wall, water supply and drainage, and gas to improve the livability and applicability of the building. The project won the Future Architecture Award in Cannes, France and the jury award of Architizer under the Cultural-Museum category, which is known as Oscar in the construction industry.

  • Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness of Universal Studios Beijing- a project used digital construction technology

    CSCEC has built the first Universal Studios in China, which is the sixth and the largest in the world with the most themed lands. We developed 4D BIM modeling and adopted all-round digital simulation to apply the digital construction technology and modern surveying and mapping technology in the whole life cycle management, so as to reproduce the "famous scenes" in films into the real world for tourists and set a new benchmark for China's cultural tourism.

  • CSCEC Star town-"1 + 3 + N" smart community

    CSCEC has invested in CSCEC Star town, a pilot project of smart community in Hubei Province. Aiming to meet the people's needs for a new lifestyle, the project makes an overall plan for the building of a smart community. With the "1 + 3 + N" smart community structure, the project explores demonstration and application scenarios such as community culture, community health, volunteer service, and community development. The project is going to establish a new operation and service mode of the smart community and set up a local smart system of community service by utilizing smart equipment, providing online service and implementing delicacy management, which can integrate into people's lives by transforming from traditional property management to a digital community operator.

  • The office building of Shenzhen-Shantou Green Industrial Park-Application of PEDF

    The office building of Shenzhen-Shantou Green Industrial Park constructed by CSCEC is the world's first operating building with PEDF (photovoltaic, energy storage, direct current and flexibility). As a demonstration for PEDF buildings, the project is able to adjust its own power in a wide range and is compatible with renewable energy power generation facilities, realizing direct current and flexible energy consumption in construction. It can consume a large proportion of renewable energy, generating good social benefits in achieving carbon neutrality for buildings. Through bidirectional charging, electric vehicles are used instead of centralized energy storage in buildings to achieve low-cost and safe energy use.

  • The Qianhuang junction of the Xinmeng River extension project-Green construction combining permanent and temporary facilities

    The Qianhuang junction of the Xinmeng River extension project constructed by CSCEC is a key water conservancy and environmental protection project of the State Council and the also first batch of demonstrations of water transportation quality projects of Jiangsu Province. With the construction concept of "combining permanent and temporary facilities", the project hardened the temporary access and greened the construction site in light of the later planning of the project, so as to turn the original "one-time investment" into permanent facilities and avoid resource waste and repeated construction to the greatest extent.

  • The Strait Culture and Art Center-Green construction

    The Strait Culture and Art Center built by CSCEC carries out green construction in accordance with the concept of "four savings and one protection". It designs the Minjiang river water source heat pump system based on the geographical advantage of the project, which can save one third of the power cost per year. Also, the project uses water-saving and energy-saving measures such as modular rainwater and storage tank and introduces "sponge" elements such as the rainwater garden, permeable pavement and sunken green belt, so that "green" can be seen everywhere.

  • The giant panda national park-Green exhibition space in the hometown of pandas

    With the concept of integrating design into nature, the giant panda national park built by CSCEC highlights the integration and openness with the surrounding environment, and collects and filters the rainwater by means of invisible eaves gutters in light of the rainy weather in Ya'an, so that the utilization rate of non-traditional water sources reaches 30.5%, which is more than twice that of normal projects. Integrating green construction into architectural design, the passive measures such as covering the roof with soil, ventilating naturally and storing heat through thick walls enhance its value for ecological demonstration and form an interactive high-performance green building.

  • Training young employees with TOD tutorial system

    The TOD (Training on Duty) tutorial system is a training method in which experienced senior employees teach the necessary business knowledge, skills and working methods to new young employees. CSCEC Middle East L.L.C. (CSCEC ME) has implemented the TOD tutorial system since 2017. Through regular training, young employees will master various skills required for senior positions within three years. After several years of practice, the TOD tutorial system has covered more than 100 young employees, and 24 young employees have completed the training. The TOD tutorial system provides a solid talent guarantee for the long-term development of the Company.

  • Building a safety team

    Upholding the philosophy of "putting life and safety in the first place", we continue to carry out activities such as "safety engineer training camp", "safety pioneer training camp", and "safety lecturer competition, "safety engineer lifelong learning plan", "safety innovation studio" and "safety lecture", so as to effectively improve the abilities of the full-time safety supervision team, and build an experienced CSCEC safety engineer team that keeps learning, innovating as well as sharing. In 2021, 195 projects under construction were awarded the title of "national work safety standardization learning and exchange project".

  • Ensuring safety through technology

    We strengthen safety management and pursue a safe development through information-based approaches. We have completed the development of 10 functional modules of "CSCEC smart safety platform", and applied them in projects to realize real-time supervision, warning and improvement of human behavior, material status, environmental factors and management measures. We strengthen research on safety technology topics to help improve the control of risks and hidden dangers. In 2021, 12 research projects were awarded the second "National Science and Technology Progress Award", including 1 first prize, 1 second prize and 10 third prizes.

  • The Cambodia- China Friendship Medical Building

    Located in the center of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, the project is a China-aided livelihood project in Cambodia. The total construction floor area of the project is 33,000 square meters. It is a comprehensive medical building covering outpatient, emergency, medical technology, inpatient and logistics functions. It is a modern public general hospital with the highest level of medical technology in the country. The design of the project fully respects the local culture, and combines the Cambodian "Namaste" element with the Chinese architectural language. The golden perforated panel on the outer curtain wall of the project reveals the Cambodian national flower-Romduol, showing an image of an international modern hospital with distinctive features.

  • Caring for Nepali children

    Most students in the Jianake Primary School are from local poor families and the teaching conditions of the school are also poor. After knowing that, the Nepal Project Department of CSCEC sent stationery such as schoolbags, as well as sporting goods such as footballs, basketballs and skipping ropes to the children. Chinese employees organize Chinese classes there in their spare time, so that they can get to know about the outside world.